Kara Greenblott, 

Nzinga International

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Nzinga International is an international consulting firm managed by Kara Greenblott. 

Ms. Greenblott has 17 years of experience in the field of international humanitarian assistance and development, complemented by five years of experience in the private sector in the field of international finance and publishing.

Her functional areas of expertise include program design and management, monitoring and evaluation, and organizational learning/knowledge management. Ms. Greenblott's programmatic areas of expertise are food security, HIV&AIDS, livelihoods, OVC and social protection. Over the last eight years she has provided technical assitance, written discussion papers and developed guidance, training modules and other types of publications on these topics. 

Ms. Greenblott is one of the founders of Nzinga International, an international consulting firm that provides leadership, guidance and technical support on in the technical areas listed above. Ms. Greenblott has worked in the following countries: Angola, Benin, Bosnia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Croatia, East Timor, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Who Was Queen Nzinga?

Nzinga International is named after Queen Nzinga, a famous 17th century queen from the area of south-western Africa called Ndongo, which later became part of Angola. Queen Nzinga is praised as a fierce and courageous warrior, savvy in battle as well as at the negotiating table.

Nzinga lived during a time when slavery was widespread in Ndongo. The slave trade continued to expand due to the demands of the Portuguese governing Nzinga's region. Queen Nzinga courageously fought for the freedom of her people, opposing her brother, King of Ndongo, who himself was involve with the slave trade.

Queeen Nzinga died in 1663 -- her legend continues to live and inspire the African people. Learn more about Nzinga: