Case Studies & Lessons Learned Portfolio


John Snow Inc. (AIDSTAR-One, USAID / PEPFAR)
Washington D.C.: January 2010 – June 2012

Developed two case studies and one technical brief on promising practices in food and nutrition security programming for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), with a particular focus on communities/countries affected by HIV and AIDS:

1) Coffee, Popcorn, Soup and HIV -- Integrating urban gardens and poultry activities with PMTCT and ART programs for children (in Ethiopia).

2) Looking Within -- Working with families to identify resource gaps and subsequently develop ‘community enforced agreements’ to fill those gaps, including gaps in food resources (in Tanzania)

3) Permaculture Design for OVC Programming: Low-cost, Sustainable Solutions for Food and Nutrition Insecure Communities (global)

Project Concern International (PCI)
Mangochi, Malawi: April – June 2009

Designed and facilitated substantial portions of Africa Forum 2009, a five-day conference for 180 HIV, food security and nutrition practitioners from across Africa. This ‘practitioners’ conference’ was designed to promote knowledge sharing and skill building around integrated HIV and food and nutrition security (FNS) programming using participative, and highly interactive learning approaches. Specific tasks included training country team facilitators on how to create and nurture Communities of Practice (CoPs) as a vehicle for sharing knowledge and improving skills around integrated HIV and FNS programming; presenting at plenary sessions; facilitating daily skill-building sessions on CoPs and lessons learned from Malawi and Ethiopia CoPs; and providing ongoing technical support to country team facilitators.

World Vision International
Singapore and Johannesburg Offices: March–June 2008

Conducted research and developed a lessons learned document on applying a livelihoods framework to emergency response programming using WV programs in Swaziland, Zimbabwe and the Asia Tsunami countries as case studies. Document is available on request.

World Vision International
Singapore and Johannesburg Offices: July 2007–September 2007

Conducted research and wrote a lessons learned document entitled World Vision Shelter Programming: Leaning from the Asia Tsunami Response. The study discusses five thematic areas of global learning and includes case studies from WV (and other NGO) programs in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Document is available on request.

Catholic Relief Services, HIV/AIDS Unit
Baltimore: April-Sept 2007

Researched and documented promising practices in Home Based Care programming by CRS in 26 countries. Analyzed trends and exceptional practices and co-wrote the Home Based Care Assessment: Giving Hope to a World of Need.

Consortium for Southern Africa Food Security Emergency (C-SAFE)
June-July 2005

Co-facilitated workshops on Exit Strategies for Title II food assistance programs (in Zambia and Zimbabwe), and used workshop outcomes and literature review to co-author guidance entitled What We Know About Exit Strategies -- Practical Guidance for Developing Exit Strategies in the Field.

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